Created by Cinematographer Justin Lovell

  • Our first 8mm scanner was frankensteined together back in 2003, designed for me and a small collective of cinematographers to have full control. I had no intention of starting a business. I was fed up with getting digital transfers back that didn’t show the true beauty that I was capturing on film. When my films started doing the festival circuit, the quality of my scans always stood out. Which led to people asking me to scan their films, It’s only because of the requests from people like you that Frame Discreet was born.  So thank you.

  • After building 3 different film scanners including the first 2K raw data film scanner in Canada, we ultimately invested in the groundbreaking Lasergraphics 5k HDR Scanstation which supports 8, 16 & 35mm.  It captures the subtle details and impressive dynamic range in film that many other scanners fail to achieve.  We’ve done extensive testing an tweaking to optimize our system to achieve these results. It’s been a journey to get where we are today. The relationships we’ve made along the way make it all worthwhile.

Why use Frame Discreet?

  • Frame Discreet’s Lasergraphics 5k Scanstation has a specifically enlarged gate.  By overscanning the frame, our system effectively shrinks the film grain giving you a sharper, crisper image.

  • We Multi-flash each frame of film twice – once for the highlights and once for the shadows to preserve more detail from each frame

  • We have separate optical and mag sound heads for perfect sync and incredibly accurate sound quality

  • Sprocketless transport means no claws touch your film.  Got torn sprockets, warped film, shrunken film?  No Problem.  Film is optically stabilized using algorithms that no other scanner has.  The BEST in the business.

  • 16, 18, 24 fps or any other speed… your footage is timed to play back at the exact frame rate it was intended.  No ‘charlie chaplin’ scenes here (unless that’s what you want!).

  • All scans are monitored by our transfer technician. Our colourist provides scene by scene colour correction, this ensures that your film has accurate colour balance.  Faded and colour shifted film can be restored back to its original look.